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Million Monkeys is about building silly stories with friends as you prove your penchant for quick-thinking, problem solving, and creativity under pressure. Show off your way with words as you overcome tricky rules and out think your friends. Collaborate to create short stories just a few words at a time, and earn bananas as you successfully satisfy a set of brain-bending criteria. Use bananas to raise your rank, add stickers to your stories, lift limitations, and more! Prove you’re the top banana no matter the genre, and let your inner word-monkey go wild!

BlackCherry worked with Beeline Interactive to create this game through a 4-month service contract in 2012. The team was responsible for all aspects of production, from art direction through programming, building on Beeline's concept. The game is available free-to-play on iOS and Android.

My role for this game was mainly social interactions, from inviting friends to sharing stories using Facebook, Gamecenter, Twitter, email or your device's contact list.  I developed several advanced custom menu tools using NGUI in the Unity game engine.  I also spent a large portion of time debugging the game before and after launch and implementing feature requests.

One Million Monkeys

Promotional video created by Beeline for One Million Monkeys.

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