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Sound Table

The first song I created using ableton live 9 and operator, novation launchpad and korg nanos.

I've always been interested in music, and how it's created.  For a long time I've been exploring this myself using music synthesizers and my computer.  Currently my setup includes:

  • nanoSeries 2 (nanoPad, nanoKey, nanoKontrol)
  • KaossPad 3
  • KaossPad Quad
  • Kaossilator Pro
  • mini Kaossilator 2
  • mini KaossPad 2
  • Kaossilator
  • Novation Launchpad
  • TC Electronic Impact Twin soundcard
  • Yamaha hs50 studio monitors

I use my external soundcard with firewire input to record the chain of Korg pads into Ableton Live 9 and onto the launchpad.  From there I can control how each looped clip launches, with the individual track volume/pan controlled by the nanoKontrol2.

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